Pocket Formers

Custom Made Pocket Formers

MasterForm offers a comprehensive range of pocket formers. Our pocket formers are manufactured and engineered to create either a vertical or horizontal pocket in the concrete slab, some of which are designed to be reusable and others designed for cast-in applications.

These pocket formers are generally made from carbon steel and can be reused when required. They offer a cost-effective method to form pockets at the perimeter of a concrete slab where Unistrut is required for a curtain wall system. We shop draw and manufacture customised pocket formers that are catered to your specific project requirements including corner pockets.


Made To Your Specifications

We understand that different customers have different requirements, and as such we can make our pocket formers to suit your needs. They can be supplied as a standalone product or be incorporated with other products, such as the MasterForm Easy Edge.

Our pocket formers are extremely quick to install and accurate to use, making them ideal for any worksite. They are much cleaner and more environmentally friendly than foam block-outs are.

Types of Pocket Formers Available

Reusable Vertical Pocket Former

Reusable Vertical Pockets

  • Custom made to suit project requirements
  • Built tough and easily stripped for multiple re-use
  • Designed to fix into jump forms and vertical forms
Reusable Pocket former with optional uni strut

Façade Pocket Formers

  • Custom made to suit bespoke profiles
  • The perfect detail for concrete panels and curtain walls
  • Reusable
  • Can come with predrilled holes for Unistrut attachment

Soffit Pockets

  • Custom made to suit project requirements
  • No need to strip
  • Typically required where a localised pocket is required to
    house FCU units when floor to floor dimensions are tight

Lift Button Pocket Formers

  • Custom made to suit project requirements
  • Cast in, meaning there is no need for stripping
  • More accurate and cost-effective than forming with foam or timber

We use MasterForm for many of our specialist formwork needs. Their inhouse design capabilities and service are second to none.


Stephen Lynch

Director, Fortis.


Send through your façade shop drawings and we will shop draw and schedule for you.

Not a problem we do them all the time.

Tallest building is around 100 stories and still going. We sometimes use thicker material for really tall towers.

Send through you lift shop drawing details and we schedule.

Lift buttons are usually sacrificial.

Typically 5-10 days from shop drawing confirmation which is normally turned over in a couple of days.

Yes we do them all the time.  Just send through you dimensions.

Yes they are normally cat-in and supplied with a system of legs.

Yes these are normally required where floor to floor height is limited and FCU units require an additional pocket in the soffit.

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MasterForm is available to design and manufacture customised pocket formers for your construction project. Contact us today by either filling in our online contact form or giving us a call on (03) 9457 3811 for a quote.