Safety Peno’s And Plinths

Safety Peno's Formwork and Plinths

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The safety of workers is a major concern on a construction site. This is particularly crucial when constructing multi-storey buildings. If a worker falls through a penetration it could very likely be fatal.

MasterForm’s safety peno formwork system significantly increases the level of safety at construction sites for workers. There will be far less likely to fall through any unguarded penetrations.

We design custom manufactured penetration forms with rated mesh, designed to withstand imposed temporary construction loads to mitigate the risk of live edges and the time and cost associated with establishing temporary fall protection.

These products are very simple to use and can easily be transported, installed, and used. Ply can be cut to size and used to cover the opening which allows easy access to the penetration while also ensuring that workers and bystanders are completely protected.

Features and Capabilities

  • Made from lightweight gal sheet
  • Supplied and fully assembled
  • Comes with pre-welded safety mesh for OHS and can be optionally designed to incorporate a perimeter hob if required
  • Made to your specs provided for any shaped opening needed
  • Structurally certified for a 5kPA UDL and a 2.5kN concentrated load
  • Only structurally rated safety penetration formwork system
  • Certified by Warrington fire for use with Promat bulkhead bats

Not only do MasterForm have a great range of products, but they were also prepared to come out and customise a unique solution for our needs. Professional and reliable service that’s second to none.

Murray Beljon

Director, DM Formwork.

Related Safety Peno & Plinth Products

Reusable Concrete Pump Peno's

  • Custom-made to suit specific pump requirements
  • Reusable

Cast In Plinths

  • Custom made to suit project requirements
  • Shop drawn by MasterForm, including legs provided to height
  • Available as cast in and retrofit
  • No stripping required

Radius Skylight Peno's With Perimeter Hobs

  • Taken directly from the CAD files to ensure accuracy
  • Manufactured with custom size height and width hobs as required

Rectangular Peno's With Hobs

  • Manufactured with integrated perimeter hob for monolithic concrete pour

Safety Peno-Non rated

  • Fabricated to suit project requirements for plan dimensions and depth
  • 25 x 25 mesh fixed to top with overhanging cast-in edge
  • Approximately 20% cheaper than rated peno’s

What Safety Peno's can do for you

Peno’s are prefabricated slab penetration formwork systems that have a safety mesh fixed in place. They provide accurate penetrations and are made to be fall-proof. They are shop drawn at our warehouse before being manufactured and are quick and easy to install on-site. Our peno’s come with a pre-installed safety mesh that is designed to prevent anyone from falling through the openings in slabs, while also speeding up your floor cycles.

What Plinths Can Do For You

A plinth is a concrete slab that acts as a base to support the structure on top of it, such as a mechanical plant. These are made from durable steel and can be cast in or post-fixed on top of the slab. MasterForm supply a wide range of quality plinths that are available to be purchased and shipped to customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and elsewhere in Australia.


Yes. MasterForm unique patented design allows for the safety mesh to be cast into the slab allowing for 5Kpa UDL and 2.5 KN point load over a 200mmx 100mm footprint imposed load.

1600mm in any one dimension.

MasterForm penos have been certified by Warrington fire for use with the promat Bulkhead Batt system.

Up to 1m deep-with ribbing.

You can prepare a schedule of sizes or get MasterForm to assist by sending your plans through.

Yes. The unique MasterForm perimeter profile casts in seamlessly with the surrounding concrete.

Typically services can run through the 100x 100 aperture rated mesh to keep it safe for fit-out trades without having to work though handrails.  Alternatively locally remove some mesh on site.

Yes. MasterForm will identify this and nominate details on the take-off sheets.

Not a problem. Masterform incorporate a rated flat side that requires anchor screws on site.

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