Hob Update July 2021

Why are you discontinuing the Certification of hobs now?

As the Australian leader in formwork technology, we are continuously refining our processes and products to better assist formworkers and builders stay on budget, achieve faster pour cycles and maintain the quality finishes demanded by modern developments.


We are introducing our new, innovative hob system very soon and this is the first step towards that transition.


What does this mean for my live project?

Nothing will change. Our hobs are still the strongest on the market and the build quality is not affected by this change. 

Any required hob engineering will need to be undertaken by your Project Engineer (as is the case for hobs that fall outside of the load/.. 


Can we order your engineered hobs after 1 July 2021?

No, it is our intent to discontinue this product line.

If you feel your project has extenuating circumstances, please contact us to discuss options.


Can you tell me more about this new hob & leg system?

Not yet, other than to say we are developing an Australian first for hob technology including allowance for hob reinforcement placement from the top of the hobs and a new screw-less fixing of the hobs to the hob legs.