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Ezy EdgeForm Systems

MasterForm supplies an extensive range of formwork and Ezy EdgeForm systems for concrete structural applications. These systems are always designed and manufactured to suit project requirements we and we are available to ship them to anywhere in Australia. Our Ezy EdgeForm systems were developed to simplify the concrete slab formwork process. The custom edge form systems designed by MasterForm can quickly and accurately establish radius edges for suspended concrete slabs and achieve class one slab edges. There are many benefits that come with our edge form systems. Our systems are devised to help you minimise the amount and the cost of labour required, and also the number of project materials needed and the waste that has accumulated. MasterForm’s highly skilled team will ensure that you receive your edge form system on time to keep your construction project on track.

MasterForm has many years of experience in the formwork industry. With our knowledge, we have meticulously created our Ezy EdgeForm systems to make the formwork process run seamlessly.

Features and Capabilities

  • Super strong
  • Lightweight
  • Reusable
  • Custom-made to suit project specifications
  • Void formers and PT slots can be incorporated into the edge form to suit project specifications if required
  • Shop drawn in house by MasterForm
  • Ergonomic gusset handles allow for easy handling and fixing into place
  • Available in any size
  • Comes with strengthening gussets
  • Segments have interlocking ‘keys’ to assist with maintaining accurate radius patterns

Cast In Edge Form

MasterForm is aware that different construction projects will have differing requirements. We can design cast-in edgeform systems that are made to be used one time for specific project requirements, as opposed to universal project applications. MasterForm can cast a customised mould with a unique pattern and edge detail.

Features and Capabilities

  • Made to suit project specifications
  • Cast-in gussets are incorporated above 150mm depth for added strength and light weight
  • Conforms to building codes and practices

Available For Projects Across Australia

Construction companies from any part of Australia can utilise our customised edgeform products. Whether you are based in Melbourne, Sydney, or anywhere else, MasterForm can deliver the products you require for your construction project.

Using the range of Masterform products has had a very positive impact on our cycle times. Their team is always available with advice and recommendations for tricky and intricate formwork requirements

Kosta Georgiou

Structures Manager, Hickory Group

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Cast-In Edge Form

  • Made to suit project specifications
  • Cast-in gussets incorporated above 150mm depth for added
    strength and lightweight


Send through your conc profile DWG files and Str GA’s/PT GA’s and we will coordinate.

Yes. Our Ezy Edge Form systems are designed for multiple re-use. The tallest we have gone is 99 stories and still working.

No. We only recommend and will only supply an Ezy Edge Form system if it can amortized through multiple re-use to a point that is more economical than ply.

Typically four weeks form PO.

Aurora in Melbourne, ParkOne is Sydney, 101 Moray St Port Melbourne, Monash Chancellery in Melbourne, Castle residence In Sydney and many more.

We generally design to less than 20KG per segment so that they can be man handled on site.

MasterForm always produce a key plan for quick and easy installation. Segments are screwed/nailed down and bolted together with bolts provided by MasterForm.

Perimeter hobs and rebates are common and we have systems for all whether straight, radius or segmented.

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